Dr. Gordana Blagojevic:

Slovak Naive Painting in Serbia / Ethno-Anthropological Study of Identity Practices

„Naïve Art is an important element of ethno-cultural identity of the Slovak national minority in Serbia, by which this minority is recognized in the world. Slovak painters create detailed visual narratives recording with colors everyday life stories. Canvases display the elements of material and non-material culture (national costumes, customs related to annual and life cycle and so on) the way artists saw, remembered or imagined them.
From the mid-20th century to the present, in these two places, 60 individuals of both genders were creating and displaying their works at the exhibitions.

Slovak Naïve Art gave rise to many productive artists whose works, as a part of Slovak cultural legacy, cultural heritage of Serbia and world cultural heritage, represent an interesting field for further ethnological and anthropological research."

Ms Gordana Blagojevic, PhD
Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Ethnography, SANU1
1.Text of this book is a result of the project #177027: Multiethnicity, Multiculturalism, migrations – contemporary processes, financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of The Republic of Serbia.